Comparing The Key Features Of The iPhone 4S And LG Optimus 4X HD

The Apple iPhone 4S is one of the most popular smartphones of all time. A number of new handsets though, boast some of the most up to date technology. The LG Optimus 4X HD is an example of these, and in this article I will see how the two phones stack up against each other by looking at some of their key features.

The iPhone 4S, which keeps the same design as its predecessor, the iPhone 4, is something of a design icon. It is instantly recognisable as an iPhone with the single home button beneath the screen, and the durable and stylish glass panels and metal antenna which wraps around the edge of the phone. The LG Optimus 4X HD is arguably the manufacturer’s most stylish offering to date. In face it looks rather similar to the iPhone 4S at closer inspection. At just 8.9mm thickness, it is one of the slimmest handsets available, beating the 9.3mm of the iPhone 4S. How good a phone looks is down to personal taste, but it has to be said that both of these phones are equally appealing in my opinion.

The iPhone 4 caused quite a stir upon its release, with the retina display producing the best display quality for a smartphone at the time. The iPhone 4S shares this feature, which gets its name from the fact that the pixels are so fine that they cannot be detected by the naked eye. This is thanks to a resolution of 640x 960. The LG Optimus 4X HD however, thanks larger to the fact it is a much new handset has an HD screen as the name suggests. This has a resolution of 720x 1280, giving it the ability to display high definition videos, as well as photos and games etc in the highest of quality. The screen is also larger; at 4.7 inches compared to that of the iPhone 4S which is 3.5 inches, which adds to its multimedia credentials. On paper, I would say that the LG Optimus 4X HD comes out on top in terms of its screen, but that on the iPhone 4S is impressive nonetheless.

Again, because the LG Optimus 4X HD is a much newer phone than the iPhone 4S, it enjoys one of the best processors out there. A quad-core 1.5 GHz chip essentially equates to six times more processing power than that provided by the 1 GHz dual-core offering found in the iPhone 4S. This does not necessarily mean that it is six times faster, but demanding applications can have a dedicated processor core, enabling much more efficient multitasking, even among powerful applications. Again, I must stress that this is thanks largely to the fact the LG phone is much newer, and this technology was not available when the iPhone 4S was released. This goes to show how quickly smartphone technology is evolving. In reality, unless you are familiar with such technologies, you are unlikely to notice the difference in performance, as the processor in the iPhone 4S is still very impressive.

Rumoured Processors And Screen Technology On The Forthcoming iPhone 5 And The Samsung Galaxy S3

Over the past two years two mobile phone manufacturers have consistently provided us with the very best smartphones. Apple have always enjoyed success with their iPhone range while the Samsung Galaxy line up has become the biggest selling range of devices ever produced. We take a look at what to expect from the next generation of models from these two heavyweights and see how the rumoured iPhone 5 may compare with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

In the power department it seems as though both of these two models are going to be among the very first models released that incorporate quad core processors. It is rumoured that the new iPhone 5 will use the latest A6 chipset which is being developed by Apple. Although the processing power is likely to be clocked at 1Ghz as it has been in previous iPhone devices the model should still offer lightning fast speeds and superb multi tasking facilities. It is likely that an impressive 1GB of RAM memory will accompany this chipset which should make the device well equipped to handle any future changes in software that may occur. Samsung have always been very proud of the fast operation times that their devices offer so expect the Galaxy S3 not to disappoint in this area. An ARM Cortex A9 chipset is set to be used in this new model which features a quad core processor with a massive 1.5Ghz speed. This will make the Galaxy S3 the fastest phone on the market and the 2GB of RAM that Samsung are rumoured to be including on the model will also make the device a market leader in this area.

It looks as though the Samsung Galaxy S3 will come out on top in terms of power but the iPhone 5 will offer the superior screen technology, an area that is often much more appealing to the consumer. The iPhone 4S set a high standard in this area by using the famous Retina display which at the time of release the best display available. Technology moves very quickly however and Apple look set to surpass themselves with the new 4 inch display that is reported to offer users a pixel density of a massive 350 pixels per inch. It has also been reported that this new screen will incorporate technology to help it reduce power demands by up to 25 per cent which will have a very positive effect on battery life, an area where the iPhone has traditionally suffered. The Galaxy S3 is set to include a massive 4.7 inch screen which will once again use the excellent Super AMOLED technology that has been used in previous models. Expect a big boost in resolution so a pixel density of around 330PPI should see the Samsung come very close to the Apple in this department.

Talks on Apple’s Latest Baby – iPhone 5

Steve Jobs may have relinquished his position as Apple’s CEO but it’s not stopping Apple from releasing the latest iPhone installment, iPhone 5. Even non-Apple fans are dying to find out what Apple has in store with the latest iPhone because the four previous installments have been huge victories for the company.

One of the giant brands in technology is expected to release this phone around fall. Newly appointed CEO Tim Cook is also expected to introduce the product, which will mark his first major stint as Apple’s main man. The launch of the iPhone 5 is undeniably a highly anticipated event, along with the launch of iOS 5. Indeed, it’s going to be an exciting autumn for Apple.

Everyone is curious about the features of the latest iPhone because its listed in everyone’s wishlists now. Apple has been relatively hush-hush about the iPhone 5′s features, although previews and write-ups from so-called reliable sources have said mostly similar things. For instance, iPhone 5 owners can say hello to 4G technology. The previous iPhone units were equipped with 3G. Expect faster data speed with the iPhone 5. Sophisticated functions like video chatting will be faster with the 4G technology. Speculations about the 4G technology are growing stronger because of the rumors that iOS 5 has codes that infer to 4G. There are also talks that Apple hired 4G network engineers in the creation of the iPhone 5.

There are also rumors that imply that iPhone 5 will have a very superior camera, much more superior to the camera of iPhone 4. Analysts have studied the photo using the GPS data, which revealed that the photo was taken in the HQ of Apple. The alleged first photo taken by the iPhone 5 was a picture of a white plate with several pieces of sushi. Upon closer investigation, the plate reveals a reflection of a person holding a small piece of device that resembles a phone. So, the photo couldn’t have been taken by a point-and-shoot camera then uploaded to a mobile phone.

Another supposed unique selling point of the iPhone 5 is that it can be used as a digital wallet. Word has it that Apple may incorporate the Near Field Communication technology in the latest Apple phone so that it can be used as a credit card or debit card. However, there are also rumors that say that Apple engineers said themselves not to look forward to NFC in the next iPhone. There is, however, a huge possibility of a digital wallet feature.

Other reports on the iPhone 5 have it that it will have a bigger screen than the iPhone 4. It will reportedly sport a 4-inch display. Some rumors even went as far as saying that the iPhone 5 could have a curved glass display. This is a breakthrough if this piece of information is true. However, some still doubt if Apple has invested in special glass cutting gadgets.

Finally, speculations of the iPhone 5′s graphic capabilities have the fans raring to get their hands on one. It is reportedly going to have a dual-core GPU and may produce a 1080 output.

All of these stories, however, are still rumors. No need to be impatient though. The iPhone 5 will be released in less than two weeks.

iPhone Mobile Application Development: Demystifying the Reason Behind iPhone Euphoria

The iPhone mobile application development euphoria began five years ago. Since then, Apple has reached quite a milestone. According to Apple’s latest statistics, it sold its 250 millionth iPhone device last week. Today, Apple acquires a major share of the smart phone market. In fact, Wall Street analysts are even betting on the future of the magnificent iPhone device. In their view, the next quarter billion will prove more effective. Isn’t the sales figure shocking for something that is not as ubiquitous as a ham burger? Why do you think are people ready on their toe to shell out a whopping amount of $299 or more to upgrade their iPhones on the very launch day? How an iPhone lures so many buyers?

How the iPhone became the godfather of the smart phone industry

With Steve Job’s vision of featuring technology at finger tips, Apple’s first iPhone was debuted in the year 2007. Since then, Apple set a breakneck pace that set an industry standard. With the latest innovation and technological advancement, Apple kept revising and re-versioning its iPhone device with splendid features that seldom hit the users’ desire-list or imagination. The iPhone craze comes from this awe; the awe of getting something unexpected. With each release, Apple showcased the best functionality embedded into a device as small as an iPhone. These features were always a secret, which made the iPhone a social and emotional product over years.

After hardware, the iPhone app store plays an imperative role. iPhone enables its users to perform a world of things by downloading apps. The Apple app store led to the flourishing sector of iPhone mobile application development. The flexibility of iOS accommodates every unique concept in the form of applications. Today, Apple app store comprises of more than 500 thousand applications, supporting the sprouting of various iPhone mobile application development companies. As technology advances, we will see more and more apps extending the users’ ability, offering their pockets a power that they had never imagined.

The future possibility of iPhone and iPhone mobile application development

Just after the massive success of the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 is round the corner. Wireless technology is unstoppable. Many things happen at every fall; and Apple is responsible to collate every bit of innovation and build a powerful giant. iPhone 5 is expected to be a similar outcome, not confirmed though. Rumors are around that a new iPhone would attribute the following:

Passbook: The new passbook is designed to store users’ travel passes, coupons and loyalty cards. According to some tech watchers, the next program will include the extensive payment program powered by Near-Field communication technology. Yes, we have been learning about NFC integration since a long time; however, successful NFC integration relies on a lot of factors, which may not be geared up as yet. Let’s just hope to see a bit of NFC in the next iPhone.

Security: With NFC, and the prosperity of iPhone mobile application development into business sector comes, stringent security. For the paranoid IT managers, Apple has recently spoken to Authentec, a largest wireless security provider.

4G LTE: It is believed that the new release will portray a QUALCOMM chip that will let the iPhone connect with 3G GSM and 4G LTE service.

With all this and more, the iPhone device and iPhone mobile application development is set to draw high expectations, allowing users to perform a world of things at a meager price, when compared to the possibilities it offers.