Rumoured Processors And Screen Technology On The Forthcoming iPhone 5 And The Samsung Galaxy S3

Over the past two years two mobile phone manufacturers have consistently provided us with the very best smartphones. Apple have always enjoyed success with their iPhone range while the Samsung Galaxy line up has become the biggest selling range of devices ever produced. We take a look at what to expect from the next generation of models from these two heavyweights and see how the rumoured iPhone 5 may compare with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

In the power department it seems as though both of these two models are going to be among the very first models released that incorporate quad core processors. It is rumoured that the new iPhone 5 will use the latest A6 chipset which is being developed by Apple. Although the processing power is likely to be clocked at 1Ghz as it has been in previous iPhone devices the model should still offer lightning fast speeds and superb multi tasking facilities. It is likely that an impressive 1GB of RAM memory will accompany this chipset which should make the device well equipped to handle any future changes in software that may occur. Samsung have always been very proud of the fast operation times that their devices offer so expect the Galaxy S3 not to disappoint in this area. An ARM Cortex A9 chipset is set to be used in this new model which features a quad core processor with a massive 1.5Ghz speed. This will make the Galaxy S3 the fastest phone on the market and the 2GB of RAM that Samsung are rumoured to be including on the model will also make the device a market leader in this area.

It looks as though the Samsung Galaxy S3 will come out on top in terms of power but the iPhone 5 will offer the superior screen technology, an area that is often much more appealing to the consumer. The iPhone 4S set a high standard in this area by using the famous Retina display which at the time of release the best display available. Technology moves very quickly however and Apple look set to surpass themselves with the new 4 inch display that is reported to offer users a pixel density of a massive 350 pixels per inch. It has also been reported that this new screen will incorporate technology to help it reduce power demands by up to 25 per cent which will have a very positive effect on battery life, an area where the iPhone has traditionally suffered. The Galaxy S3 is set to include a massive 4.7 inch screen which will once again use the excellent Super AMOLED technology that has been used in previous models. Expect a big boost in resolution so a pixel density of around 330PPI should see the Samsung come very close to the Apple in this department.