How Did Apple’s iPhone Create a Massive Change in the World?

Apple’s most highly celebrated item is the iPhone. A mobile phone which has found its way into an incredible number of pockets worldwide. The fact that you see so many of these machines around you these days points out a very interesting fact – we are in the era of mobile-computing. While the cell-phone revolution changed the way we live by making us available everywhere at any given time, the revolution that the smart-phones have brought to the world is greater by far. The change these machines have made is a conceptual change. We are not talking about the phones in our pockets anymore. We are now talking about high-end computers.

People tend to use these cellular phones without giving a second-thought to what is happening on the technical aspect. One would open up his phone, move his fingers on the high-resolution touch screen and start one application or another. Not many of us stop and ask ourselves where and how did this or that application came to be. The fact that there are so many iPhone applications is not to be taken for granted.

How Come There Are So Many Applications For iPhones?

Apple has made a decision that has changed the world for programmers and end-users alike. Opening the iPhone platform for external programmers is the root of the apps surplus we are witnessing. This genius move has created an entirely new field of programming called – “iPhone Applications Developer” field. Literally thousands of programmers worldwide are busy writing code for different apps, and moving them through an authorization system created by Apple in order to make sure these apps are built according to the appropriate standards. These are thousands of new jobs and thousands of people finding ways to make your iPod more attractive.

The iPhone apps revolution is not only a user-experience change, but also a shock-wave to the web-marketing world, and to the entire economical market. By creating this new platform and opening it to general use, Apple has made its way into the consciousness of each and every P.R company (and every other big company) in the western hemisphere. This has raised the demand for new and talented application programmers. It has also raised the demand for web-masters and online sales-agents who are hired by the dozens for creating online shops and websites which are able to work well with the iPhone platform. Today’s applications are sophisticated in ways unheard of only 5 years ago.